About the Basilica


The history of the Basilica of the Holy Agatha and Barbara, short: The Oudenbosch Basilica starts in 1865. To understand the history we go all the way to the start, the year 1282.

Stories about the Basilica

An unique monument like the Oudenbosch Basilica is filled with stories and anecdotes. Here you will find all the stories we've found so far.

Pearls of Oudenbosch

The "Parelpad" or path of pearls is a short walk around the centre of Oudenbosch. This route shows you around all the highlights of Oudenbosch.

"Parelpad" or pearl parth.

Dutch Museum Churches

The Oudenbosch Basilica is part of Dutch Museum Churches. More than 15 religious locations through the Netherlands that combine into one museum.

Foundation Promotion Basilica

This foundation is founded to give the Oudenbosch Basilica the awareness it deserves. By exploiting a shop, organising tours and welcoming groups this foundation tells the story of the Basilica to thousands every year.

Foundation Preservation Basilica

This foundation is responsible for the maintenance, renovations and aid requests for the Oudenbosch Basilica. This foundation is founded before the first large maintenance in 1954.


What is a basilica? How big is the Oudenbosch Basilica? These and other questions, we've allready answered for you.

Vliegensvlug door Halderberge

Ervaar het beste van beide werelden door een bezoek aan de prachtige Basiliek te combineren met een fascinerend tripje naar het vliegend museum. Geniet van een heerlijke lunch om je dag compleet te maken.