In the crypt

In the Basilica's crypt

During a visit to the Oudenbosch Basilica a short stop in the museum and shop can't be missed. In the museum you catch a glimpse of the Basilica's history. In the shop a lot of small souvenirs, beads, postcards and sculptures can be bought as a reminder of your visit to the Oudenbosch Basilica.

Shop and museum are open every day from 13:00 hrs to 16:00 or 16:30 hrs.


Take a look at the history of the Oudenbosch Basilica in the small museum in the crypt. In the museum you'll find a sculpture of Willem Hellemons, a Zouave and a scaled copy of the Oudenbosch Basilica amongst other artifacts. These things give you a impression about the history of the Basilica.


In the Basilica's shop you can find a lot of things, From beads and prayer cards to books, Maria statues and postcards. 


For meetings and events, we have a dedicated space in our crypt. In this space we welcome groups for guided tours or you can host a meeting or gathering. For more information please contact us.

Instead of descending the stairs, you can ascend the stairs to the dome. The 144 steps will bring you to the base of the dome. You'll have a great view into the dome and the church beneath.

Are you interested in a tour through the Basilica?

We organise guided tours, private tours and audiotours

11 december gesloten

I.v.m. een kerkelijke activiteit is de Basiliek van Oudenbosch op 11 december gesloten van 11:00 – 16:00. In de ochtend zijn rondleidingen en audiotours wel mogelijk

U kunt weer boeken

U kunt weer rondleidingen en audiotours volgen in de Basiliek. U boekt ze via de ticketshop van Visit Halderberge.