Guided tours & audio tours

Every year the Oudenbosch Basilica welcomes approximately 70.000 visitors. Whether you visit the Oudenbosch Basilica for prayer, your fascination for architecture or a fun day out, a visit to the Basilica is complete with a guided tour by one of our guides.

Would you rather explore the Basilica by yourself? Feel free to walk around the Basilica by yourself or take the audiotour which is available in English, German or Dutch. On your own pace you'll discover the Sacramental Altar, the canopy and all of the art and sculptures around the Basilica.

Guided tours

Explore the Oudenbosch Basilica with a guide

You can visit the Oudenbosch Basilica 7 days per week, with or without a guide. Without a guide there is plenty to see, but when you're interested in the stories that are hidden within the Basilica, we'd recommend a guided tour during your visit to the Oudenbosch Basilica. Whether you're all by yourself or with a group of family or friends, a guided tour is possible almost every hour during opening hours. A guided tour costs €17,00 per group up to 24 people. You have your own guest in English, German, French or Dutch.

Audio tour

Explore the Basilica all by yourself

Our audio tour is an initiative of the Dutch Museum Churchesand shows you all around the Basilica. You can get a tablet with the English, German or Dutch tour at the informationdesk at the entrance of the Basilica. With your headset or in-ears you will walk across the Basilica at your own pace and discover all the hidden stories. Perfect for small groups or when you're alone and don't want a guided tour. You can make a reservation for your audiotour through our booking engine or just walk by the desk upon arrival.

City walk

The city walk in English can be booked 6 days a week in English, German or Dutch and start at the tourist office at the Oudenbosch train station. With the city walk, you'll discover the history of Oudenbosch and Willem Hellemons, the founding father of the Basilica and all of the other special places in Oudenbosch. You can book a city walk through the ticketshop.

Are you interested in a tour through the Basilica?

We organise guided tours, private tours and audiotours