The dome

Ascend the dome

The highlight of the Oudenbosch Basilica is the enormous dome on top of it. With a staggering 63 metres high and a diameter of 22,5 metres it is immense. With beautiful paintings and a great view into the Basilica below a visit to the dome should definitely be part of your visit to the Oudenbosch Basilica.

The dome is one of the biggest architectural masterpieces in Dutch history. It's built with steal beams and bricks which is unmatched in the Netherlands and a fine work of art by Architect Pierre Cuypers. You should see it for yourself!

You can visit the dome by entering the column on the righthand side of the canopy and take the stairs up to the dome, just over 140 steps up. Enjoy the view!

Instead of ascending the stairs, to the dome, you can descend the stairs to the museum and shop. In the small museum you'll find several items and stories about the Basilica's history. The museum and shop open every day from 13:00h.

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11 december gesloten

I.v.m. een kerkelijke activiteit is de Basiliek van Oudenbosch op 11 december gesloten van 11:00 – 16:00. In de ochtend zijn rondleidingen en audiotours wel mogelijk

U kunt weer boeken

U kunt weer rondleidingen en audiotours volgen in de Basiliek. U boekt ze via de ticketshop van Visit Halderberge.